Siemens CNC Milling | TRANS and ATRANS | Programmable Work Offset

Programmable Work Offset Introduction

The programmable work offset can be used as below in Siemens CNC controller;

  • for recurring shapes/arrangements in various positions on the workpiece
  • when selecting a new reference point for the dimensioning
  • as a stock allowance when roughing

This results in the current workpiece coordinate system. The rewritten dimensions use this as a reference. The offset is possible in all axes.

TRANS and ATRANS Codes Format

TRANS X… Y… Z… ; programmable offset, deletes old instructions for offsetting, rotation, scaling factor, mirroring
ATRANS X… Y… Z… ; programmable offset, additive to existing instructions
TRANS ; Without values: Clears old instructions for offset, rotation, scaling factor, mirroring

The instructions which contain TRANS or ATRANS each require a separate block.

See the following illustration for the example for programmable offset:

Programmable Work Offset Examples

TRANS CNC Program Example – 1

N20 TRANS X20 Y15 ; Programmable offset
N30 L10 ; Subroutine call; contains the geometry to be offset
N70 TRANS ; Offset cleared