Siemens CNC Milling | ROT and AROT | Programmable Rotation

Programmable Rotation Introduction

The rotation is performed in the current plane G17 or G18 or G19 using the value of RPL=… specified in degrees. The programmable rotation function different than other controller in Siemens CNC controller.

ROT and AROT Code Format

ROT RPL=… ; Programmable rotation, deletes old instructions for offsetting, rotation, scaling factor, mirroring
AROT RPL=… ; Programmable rotation, additive to existing instructions
ROT ; Without values: clears old instructions for offset, rotation, scaling factor, mirroring
The instructions which contain ROT or AROT each require a separate block.
CNC Plane and RPL relation

See the following illustration for definition of the positive direction of the angle of rotation in the individual planes:

Programmable Rotation Examples

AROT CNC Program Example – 1

Siemens CNC programmable rotation example

See the following illustration for programming example for programmable offset and rotation:

N10 G17 ; X/Y plane
N20 TRANS X20 Y10 ; Programmable offset
N30 L10 ; Subroutine call; contains the geometry to be offset
N40 TRANS X30 Y26 ; New offset
N50 AROT RPL=45 ; Additive 45 degree rotation
N60 L10 ; Subroutine call
N70 TRANS ; Offset and rotation cleared