Siemens CNC Milling | CYCLE71 | Face Milling

CYCLE71 Introduction

Use CYCLE71 to face mill any rectangular surface. The cycle differentiates between roughing (machining the surface in several steps until reaching the final machining allowance) and finishing (end milling the surface in one step). The maximum infeed in width and depth can be specified.

The cycle operates without cutter radius compensation. The depth infeed is carried out in the open.

CYCLE71 Format



_RTP = Retraction plane (absolute)
_RFP = Reference plane (absolute)
_SDIS = Safety clearance (to be added to the reference plane, enter without sign)
_DP = Depth (absolute)
_PA = Starting point, abscissa (absolute)
_PO = Starting point, ordinate (absolute)
_LENG = Length of the rectangle in the 1st axis, incrementally. The corner from which dimensioning is carried out results from the sign.
_WID = Length of the rectangle in the 2nd axis, incrementally. The corner from which dimensioning is carried out results from the sign.
_STA = Angle between the longitudinal axis of the rectangle and the first axis of the plane (abscissa, enter without sign);Range of values: 0° ≤ _STA < 180°
_MID = Maximum infeed depth (enter without sign)
_MIDA = Maximum infeed width value for machining in the plane (enter without sign)
_FDP = Retraction travel in cutting direction (incremental, enter without sign)
_FALD = Final machining allowance in depth (incremental, enter without sign). In finishing mode, _FALD refers to the remaining material on the surface.
_FFP1 = Feedrate for surface machining
_VARI = Machining type: (enter without sign)
UNITS DIGIT: Machining process
1: Roughing
2: Finishing
TENS DIGIT: Milling direction
1: parallel to the abscissa, in one direction
2: parallel to the ordinate, in one direction
3: parallel to the abscissa, with alternating direction
4: parallel to the ordinate, with alternating direction
_FDP1 = Overrun travel in direction of plane infeed (incremental, enter without sign)

CYCLE71 Examples

CYCLE71 CNC Program Example – 1

Parameters for the cycle call:
_RTP Retraction plane = 10 mm
_RFP Reference plane = 0
_SDIS Safety clearance = 2 mm
_DP Depth = -11 mm
_FAL Finishing allowance in plane = No finishing allowance
_FALD Finishing allowance in depth = No finishing allowance
_PA Starting point of the rectangle = X = 100 mm
_PO Starting point of the rectangle = Y = 100 mm
_LENG Rectangle dimensions = X = +60 mm
_WID Rectangle dimensions = Y = +40 mm
_STA Angle of rotation in the plane = 10 degrees
_MID Maximum infeed depth = 6 mm
_MIDA Maximum infeed width = 10 mm
_FDP Retraction at the end of the milling path = 5 mm
_FFP1 Feedrate in the plane = 4000 mm/min
_VARI Machining type = Roughing parallel to the X axis with alternating direction
_FDP1 Overrun on last cut as determined by the cutting edge geometry = 2 mm

Program :
$TC_DP1[1,1] = 120 ; Tool type
$TC_DP6[1.1] =10 ; Tool radius
N100 T1 ;
N102 M06 ;
N110 G17 G0 G90 G54 G94 F2000 X0 Y0 Z20 ; Approach start position
CYCLE71( 10, 0, 2,-11, 100, 100, 60, 40, 10, 6, 10, 5, 0, 4000, 31, 2) ; Cycle call
N125 G0 G90 X0 Y0 ;
N130 M30 ; Program end