Siemens CNC | G10.6 Code | Tool Retract

G10.6 Code Introduction

G10.6 code is used to activate a retraction position for the rapid lifting of a tool (e.g., in the event of a tool break). The retraction motion itself is started with a digital signal. The second NC fast input is used as the start signal.

If G10.6 is programmed to activate fast retraction, when the input signal of the second NC fast input changes from 0 to 1, the motion currently in progress is interrupted and the position programmed in set G10.6 is approached at rapid traverse. The positions are approached absolutely or incrementally according to the program settings in set G10.6.

The function is deactivated with G10.6 (without positional data). Fast retraction by means of the input signal of the second NC fast input is disabled.

Only one axis can be programmed for fast retraction.

To replace the tool damaged during machining or to check the status of machining, the tool can be withdrawn from a workpiece. In fact, a machine specific sequence can be initiated. Therefore, please refer to the machine tool builders documentation for details.

G10.6 Code Format

G10.6 X… Z… ; Activation
G10.6 ; Deactivation


X, Z : In incremental mode, retraction distance from the position where the retract signal is turned on. In the absolute mode, retraction distance to an absolute position.

Things to Know

The retraction axis and retraction distance specified in G10.6 need to be changed in an appropriate block according to the figure being machined. Be very careful when specifying the retraction distance;

An incorrect retraction distance may damage the workpiece, machine, or tool.