Siemens CNC | CYCLE801 | Dot Matrix

CYCLE801 Introduction

Cycle CYCLE801 can be used to machine a “grid of holes” drilling pattern. The type of drill
hole is determined by the drilling cycle that has already been called modally.

Supported CNC Series

Siemens CNC 802D, 810D, 840D, 840D sl, 840Di, 840Di sl series controllers.

CYCLE801 Format

CYCLE801 (_SPCA, _SPCO, _STA, _DIS1, _DIS2, _NUM1, _NUM2)


_SPCA = Reference point for grid of holes in the 1st axis, abscissa (absolute)
_SPCO = Reference point for grid of holes in the 2nd axis, ordinate (absolute)
_STA = Angle to abscissa
_DIS1 = Distance between columns (without sign)
_DIS2 = Distance between rows (without sign)
_NUM1 = Number of columns
_NUM2 = Number of rows

CYCLE801 Examples

CYCLE801 CNC Program Example – 1

Use the CYCLE801 cycle to machine a dot matrix consisting of 15 drill holes in 3 rows and
5 columns. The associated drilling program is called modally beforehand.

Siemens CNC Cycle801 Program Example

N10 G90 G17 F900 S4000 M3 T2 D1 ; Specification of technology values
N15 MCALL CYCLE82(10,0,1,-22,0,0) ; Modal call of a drilling cycle
N20 CYCLE801(30,20,0,10,15,5,3) ; Call dot matrix
N25 M30 ; End of program