Mitsubishi CNC Milling | C Parameter | Corner Chamfering

C Code Introduction

Chamfering at any angle or corner rounding is performed automatically by adding “,C_” or “,R_” to the end of the block to be commanded first among those command blocks which shape the corner with lines only.

This chamfers a corner by connecting the both side of the hypothetical corner which would appear as if chamfering is not performed, by the amount commanded by “,C_”.

C Code Format

N100 G01 X__ Y__ ,C__ ;
N200 G01 X__ Y__ ;

Corner chamfering is performed at the point where N100 and N200 intersect.


C : Length up to chamfering starting point or end point from hypothetical corner

C Code Example

(1) G91 G01 X100. C10.;
(2) X100. Y100.;

(a) Chamfering start point
(b) Hypothetical corner intersection point
(c) Chamfering end point