Mitsubishi CNC Milling | A Parameter | Linear Angle

A Code Introduction

The end point coordinates are automatically calculated by commanding the linear angle and one of the end point coordinate axes.

A Code Format

N1 G01 Xx1(Yy1) ,Aa1;
N2 G01 Xx2(Yy2) ,A-a2;

This designates the angle and the X or Y axis coordinates.

Select the command plane with G17 to G19.

Things to Know

(1) The angle is set based on the positive (+) direction of the horizontal axis for the selected plane. The counterclockwise (CCW) direction is indicated by a positive sign (+), and the clockwise (CW) direction by a negative sign (-).

(2) Either of the axes on the selected plane is commanded for the end point.

(3) The angle is ignored when the angle and the coordinates of both axes are commanded.

(4) When only the angle has been commanded, this is treated as a geometric command.

(5) The angle of either the start point (a1) or end point (a2) may be used.

(6) This function is valid only for the G01 command; it is not valid for other interpolation or positioning commands.

(7) The range of slope “a” is between -360.000 and 360.000.

When a value outside this range is commanded, it will be divided by 360 (degrees) and the remainder will be commanded.

(Example) If 400 is commanded, 40° (remainder of 400/360) will become the command angle.

(8) If an address A is used for the axis name or the 2nd miscellaneous function, use “,A” as the angle.

(9) If “A” and “,A” are commanded in a same block, “,A” will be interpreted as the angle.