Mitsubishi CNC | M70-M80 Series | Vertical Axis Pull Up Function


The main purpose of the vertical axis fall prevention function. Undesirable situations such as plunge into the piece surface.

This is a standard feature in drive/control system and allow the vertical axis to be controlled by parameters. According to the setting the axis automatically moves in reverse direction in the event of power failure.


#2233 bit E: 1 Turns the function on and off. If bit E = 0, function deactivated.
For example, 0000 is passive, 4000 is active.
#2232 TOF: Torque Offset parameter, By a load calculated according to the load of the axis in idle state.
According to current load on “Drive monitor” screen, this parameter may be entered as (-) or (+).
#2248 EMGrt: Vertical Axis Fall Prevention Time: Standard for HF motors 200 ms.
#2295: Vertical axis retraction distance 0-2000 micrometer range adjustable.

Note: This procedure can be applied not only to vertical axes but also to all axes include horizontal axes.

#2232 TOF parameter is normally 0
#2232 = 1, axis moves in (+) direction
#2232 = -1, axis moves in (-) direction]]>