Mitsubishi CNC | M70-M80 Series | Program Restart

Program Restart Function

In this article, M70, M700 and also M80 series will especially mention the Program Restart Function, which will be of interest to the end user.

With this feature, you can ensure that in the case of power cuts, tool wear and breaks, the user can continue the program after the machine has stopped with his own intervention. And you can use it with just a couple of keystrokes, without having to navigate it under mixed menus. With this function, which is especially used by mold makers, you can start your program from where you left without having to edit CAD / CAM output. With this feature, you can start the program where you left off in the following situations.

  • In case of power failure
  • If stopped by EMG Emergency Stop
  • If the program is reset by mistake
  • If it has been interrupted by a user intervention

First of all, we assume that our program is now in running and we follow the steps below so that we can continue from where we left off.

There are two types of program Restart function.

In Type 1, there is no need to enter data such as the line, block, program, etc.
Therefore, it is the safest and most comfortable mode to use.

Restart programs that have been interrupted by the user due to tool breakage or power interruption.

In Type 2, the user restarts the program by entering values such as program, line number, and block number manually at a desired location of a certain program.

Type 2 explained after Type 1.

Although there is no menu, there is a section called Type 3, which is not used for the Restart function, but is described in later section.

Program Restart Types

Restart Type – 1

TYPE 1 as seen in the picture above. Our program has been canceled due to any reason.

MONITOR – RESEARCH – TYPE 1, respectively.

  • We press the INPUT key on the keyboard and wait until we get the above screen display, depending on the size of our program and how long it had run before interrupted.
  • Restart search is completed according to what we have received.
  • We now need to confirm to the machine which M, S and T command was last performed on the machine before interruption. To do this we press the MSTB History button and get the following screen display.

From this screen, we use the arrow keys to scroll through the information such as spindle speed, used tool, and M-commands that was active before interruption.

For example, previous program, worked with 2 tools, one of which is number 1 and the other is number 6. This image will change according to your program content. So you will approve the information about your tools on this page.

It is very possible to have more than one tool, spindle-speed and M command, and this page shows a list of all the tools that have been used so far in the program.

  • With the arrow keys you move the cursor to your wanted spindle-speed.
  • Press INPUT key.
  • Then move cursor to M3 and press the INPUT key.
  • If you want to start cooling and you see M8 as M command in the list, move the cursor and press INPUT key.
  • Continue your progress, and start from where you left off by giving Cycle START.
  • You can then return to the operation screen by pressing the MONITOR button.

Type – 1 Notes

  • The above items should only be used for one selection. So you can write 5 different cycles on the screen, 5 different sets can be seen, you just make the INPUT of the device you want, you will come on M3 and do INPUT only once.
  • When you press the INPUT key, this command is executed instantly. So when you come on M3 and make an INPUT, spindle starts rotating, when you come on M8 and press INPUT, cooling water starts directly. Take this step by ensuring your safety.
  • Before using the Restart Function, make sure that your Z-axis are in a safe place and that your other axes are close to the program position.
When you start the machine, the machine will automatically go where it left off and you may cause accidents if you have not left the machine in a safe place.

Restart Type – 2

To use this mode, follow the instructions below.

  • Press the MONITOR button
  • Press RESEARCH under the display.
  • Select TYPE 2 again at the bottom of the screen

  • Program is selected by pressing the Top Search button.
  • Press File set button to highlight the name of the selected program and press the INPUT button again. It allows us to automatically write this file to the box.
  • Then follow the form and write the line number and block number respectively and press the INPUT key.
  • When the Completed warning is given, press “cycle start”. Pay attention to safety rules.

Restart Type – 3

This feature is referred to as Program Restart Type 3, but its main function is to start any program that you want, at a certain block.

With the arrow keys, you find the line you want start from in the program, press the INPUT key and START. The program starts to work from where you left the cursor.

First of all, this function needs to be activated on the machine. To turn this function on:

The parameter number #11031 should be set to “1”.

Then, respectively;

  • Mode AUTO
  • Press EDIT
  • Program with the help of the desired SAT OK keys.

Note: This article is not intended for end users, but for the technical service departments of the dealer companies. End users should not use and do not use the information written in this article without the training of the company from which they purchase the machine. Any problems that may arise as a result of the use belong to the user himself.