Mitsubishi CNC | M70-M80 Series | NC Explorer Download and Settings


This article explain how to make data exchange between M70/M700 controls and PC by network connection. It’s also applicable to M80/M800 series CNC controller due to same parameters and screens are used on that controller.

  • Ethernet connection is standard on M70/M700 and also M80/M800 series.
    No extra hardware needed for operations such as copying programs from the PC to the machine via Ethernet, controlling the machine with remote control, etc.
  • To use CF slot on M70, you don´t need a PCMCIA adapter and you will be able to close the cover after you have installed the card, avoiding any accident or damage. It’s SD card on M80 series CNC.
  • NC Explorer allows you to access the NC memory/HDD as well as CF card. Installation and configuration is easy and convenient. (This program is free of charge and supplied by Mitsubishi Electric CNC).

Connection Requirements

In order to provide this link, we must prepare following:

RJ45 Ethernet cable.
PC to install NC Explorer.
NC Explorer software.

Note: If a Hub is used for connection between the PC and NC, the cable must have straight connection. If the Hub is not used, the cable must be a crossed cable.

NC Explorer Free Download

You can click below link and download NC Explorer program from official link directly.

NC Explorer Free Download from Official Source

Settings on Machine

  1. After power on we get below display.

  1. Press the MAINTE key on the keyboard, and we get the following screen display. Press the MAINTE button again at the bottom of the display.

  1. Following screen is flashing and we press the Psswd Input button to enter the password, MPARA followed by INPUT key.

  1. Then press the PARAM button at the bottom of the screen to come back, and then once the leftmost button at the bottom of the screen.
    Then we press the rightmost button at the bottom of the screen until you find Ethernet Param, press this button and following screen display.

  1. If we have obtained the above screen display, parameter explanation as follow.
    There is more than one IP address. Therefore, we must read it carefully and make adjustments accordingly so as not to disrupt the settings of the connection between NC-HMI-(NCPC).

#1926 : This parameter is the IP of the NC. Unless it is necessary, do not change. On the PC side, we will use the first 3 group of numbers of the IP number written here.
#1934 : This is the IP address of the HMI side. Since the M700 runs the HMI on PC, this IP must remain strictly in this form. If you change this IP, you will have to erase your machine completely and install again. Do not change it.
#11005 : The M700 panel- PC’s IP address. Do not change .
#9711 : We will connect the machine to the IP address of the PC.

We will connect the machine to the IP address of the PC. Therefore, the first 3 groups of IP you write here should be the same as the #1926 parameter.

Eg. if the machine #1926 is, we set parameter #9711 to
As you can see, the only parameter we changed is the parameter #9711. If we want to connect more than 1 PC to the same machine, we proceed at Host2 (# 9731), Host3 etc…
After setting of #9711, we take note of the IP address that we entered and we are now going to configure the PC side.

Settings on PC

First of all, we install NC Explorer, the installation is explained below.
Double click on the SETUP file of NC Explorer program and we get the following screen.

Please complete setup process with only click Next buttons each time as a normal program installation. No special attention or action is need.

Note: You can use the Add / Remove Programs from the Control Panel to remove the program from your computer. After completing the setup, we need to adjust the IP address of the computer as specified on the machine.

To do this, first click on Desktop - My Network Places - Right click and select Properties from the drop down menu.
From here, we right click on Local Area Connection and press the Properties button.
After pressing the Properties button, click on the Internet Protocol TCP / IP button at the bottom, and then click the Properties button.
After doing the above operation, we get the following screen view, we have reached the page where we will do our computer IP change. Look carefully at the picture below.

After making the necessary settings from the picture above, save all open windows by saying OK and exit.
Start > Run > type cmd > press Enter and go to the MS-DOS screen.

We type it in this format and press the Enter key, installation is complete. Now we can connect to the machine and exchange data. We run the program from the desktop.

Note: MS-DOS process is not necessary for embedded CNC which is M70 and M80 series. It’s necessary only for M700 and M800 series which built-in with Windows operating system.

If you have an M700 or M800 control, your machine has an internal hard disk. If you want to access Hard Disc content, you need to enter a “one-time” username and password.
The User ID and Password are shown below.

M70 and M80 control don’t need this step because there is no internal HDD on the M70.
The DS folder represents the front-mounted CF card on the M70.

Note: If you are confident that we are doing everything correct and you cannot connect, try closing the Windows firewall, or if any, the third-party firewall software that is used on your computer.


Program Transfer Between Machine and PC

Copying is divided between machines internal memories (from NC to DS, from HD to HD) and between the PC and the machine.

The first method will not be used much, it is still a benefit to know.

  1. Copy-Paste are used to copy a program already stored in the machine (in the NC, DS HDD) to another memory. This is done by right-clicking on the file.
  2. Drag-Drop Copy-Paste is used to copy the program from PC to the machine.
  3. To copy the program from PC to PC, right click on the file and press Copy to PC button.

Below you can see pictures of screen shots taken while doing this.

Note: Standart folder for PC side is C:\CNC CopyFiles

Program Delete

For deletion, we need to right-click on the relevant file and press Delete, and then we approve this operation.

Running Machining Program from Data Server or HDD

Considering the size of programs we send to the machine, we sometimes need to run from the DS/HDD. Here are some illustrations showing how to run a program that we put in the control.

  1. From the bottom of the screen, select the memory to which the program was sent.
  2. Select your program with the arrow keys, press the INPUT key.
  3. Search Complete appears at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Press the “Cycle Start”.