Mitsubishi CNC | M70-M80 Series | M01 Tap Retract Error and Solution

Tap Retract Function Introduction

One standard feature of Mitsubishi M70 and M700 controls is a user-friendly Tap retract feature. After a manual interruption, in case of power interruption, breakage due to any reason, We have possibility to safely retract our tapping axis.

Manufacturers can design a special key combination for this function as well as a method for completely canceling this feature. Since the feature is still not actively used by most manufacturers, we will see how to disable this function in this document, and how to use this feature in the event of an alarm when it is active.

M01 0057 Alarm

First, it is normal to receive the following alarm after a interrupted tapping operation while this function is active.

“M01 Wait for tap Retract 0057 Axis Name“

To recover the machine from this alarm, it is necessary to inactivate this function and remove axis manually, or to do this automatically by forcing the corresponding output to the PLC I / F.

Related parameter :

#1234.3 (bit 3) = 0 Tap retract active; 1 Tap retract inactive
#1234.3 (bit 3) = 1 Tap retract inactive

Note : It is recommended that you make this feature inactive if no special key pad combination is associated with this function from manufacturer.

Removing machine from the alarm state when this feature is active and no special key to trigger, is provided by MTB, it is not an easy task for the end user to do and a dealer technician may be needed.

If the feature is active and no special procedure has been prepared by the manufacturer, “M01 Wait for tap retract”

M01 0057 Alarm Solution

There are two ways to recover the machine from the alarm.

Cancel Retract Function

  1. 1234.3 = 1 (bit 3=1)
  2. Reset the machine.
  3. If the alarm does not clear, manually remove the axis/tap yourself.
  4. If the alarm not turn off, switch off the machine and unplug it manually.

Activate Retract Function

  1. Turn on the machine.
  2. Make sure you receive M01 wait for tap retract message.
  3. If EMG state is active, release machine from EMG.
  4. Press DIAGN > I/F DIAGNOS > MODAL OUTPUT keys in sequence.
  5. Force output signal by typing YC5C/1 and press the INPUT key. **
  6. The spindle will rotate in reverse direction and the tap-axis will move upwards.
  7. The feedrate will be the feedrate commanded in the tapping cycle.
  8. When the tapping point is reached, the spindle will automatically stop and the alarm will be cleared.

** This is the same operation as pressing a key on the machine. Many times the manufacturer does not put a key for this function. If the manufacturer implemented this function, skip these two steps and just press the dedicated button. (described in manufactures operation manual).