Mitsubishi CNC | M70-M80 Series | Backup and Restore


Keep backups on machines and update these backups on a regular basis. These backups are necessary to enable the customer’s machine to work if any hardware or software problem occurs and to keep the downtime as short as possible. Backup and Restore process should know every CNC users or maintenance teams.

Most companies do not care about backups but it’s most important point to take care for CNC Maintenance. Even if customer bought more than one machine at the same time (same machine type/model). There are still a lot of different values ​​for each machine, such as mechanical gaps and pitch error differences etc.

Why Backup?

In order to be able to fix a problem in the future, and to make your machine work again as quick as possible, reserve a few minutes after each installation. Always make backup before and after changing roller bearings, mechanical problems, after changing the position of the axis switches etc.

In short, before making any changes to the parameters, and store these backups on your computer. Give at least one of these backups to your customer in case of data loss in the future.

This article describes the backup and restoration procedure.


  • 1 CF (Compact Flash) Card (required for M70 and M700)
  • 1 PCMCIA Adapter (CF to PCMCIA (Required for M700 only))
  • 1 SD Card ( Required for M80 and M800 Series )

Before the card is inserted, make sure that the card is not wet, dirty, and there is no material that could cause short-circuits.

How to Backup or Restore

CNC Data Backup

Insert the card into the front slot on the right side of the display. Once the machine is turned on and in “Ready” state, “MONITOR” page will be displayed.

Below you see the MONITOR screen on the M70.

Press the “MAINTE” key (on the keyboard), and the following screen appears.

In M70 and M700, the factory defined default password “MPARA” is used for parameters change, backup and restore.

After typing the password and “INPUT” is pressed from the keyboard, we now have the right to change the parameters, backup and restore.

Now switch to “All backup

Press “Y” key to answer the question and backup process we will start.

CNC Data Restore

From same as above screen, for “Restore” process, you should press the “Restore” and select from where you like to restore, press “INPUT ”key and continue with “Y” and “INPUT” to restore.

Important Note : You must stop the machine during backup and restore operations. After restore also power off/on is required (PR will be seen on screen).

Note: Automatic backup could be performed on regular basis.

  • Keep CF-card in at all time.
  • Set parameter #8915 – #8918 (Depending on model) for automatic backup by calendar date.