Mazak 250 Quick Turn

Im running a Mazak 250 quick turn using a G code format, my question is i tried using a G75 for parting off,and all i got was alarms? I tried 2 line and single line, is there anyone that can help me? Thank you Jim

Hi Jim,

Mazak using EIA programming usually, not ISO but I would like to know how old are your machine?
Due to model year, controller is changing in background even if all of them knows as “Mazatrol”.

Btw, can you inform which alarms you are getting?


Im getting to many numerical and another one i can’t remember. I finally got the G74 to work, and it worked by doing this, G74 Z-.100 Q.010. But i cant get G75 to work! The machine is maybe 15 years old?

Hi Jim,

I can’t help if you say only “I can’t work”.

You should inform with more details like what you write, what happened, what alarms you are getting or how behaive machine when it comes to G75 line.

Could you please give more details?

Ok i figured out how to G75 in Mazak Quick Turn 250, Thank you, but now i having another issue, im getting a 354 start cond.err ( set up sw) what is it? And how can i fix it?

Hi Jim,

The “354 Start Cond.err (Set Up SW)” alarm on Mazak machines refers to an error in the start-up process of the machine, likely caused by a problem with the software set-up. This alarm is indicating that there is a problem with the machine’s software configuration and it needs to be addressed in order to start the machine correctly.

If you get some alarms in unregular often or while you are writing program, you should consider to initialize machine (format/parameter restore from factory backup/upload macros and etc…).
Only authorized service engineers shoud take care it that process due to if you do something wrong, machine may not will work.