G75 Cycle Examples for CNC Lathe

G75 Grooving Cycle

G75 is a CNC code and used to grooving for CNC lathe machines.

G75 grooving cycle also a very simple cycle, designed to break chips during a rough cut along the X axis used mainly for a grooving operation. The G75 cycle is identical to G74 cycle, except the X axis is replaced with the Z axis.

G75 Cycle Examples

Example - 1

G75 cycle example for grooving

O0075 ;
T0000 (Tool width 4mm.);
G00 X0. Z-100. M07 ;
T0101 S300 M03 ;
G92 S2000 ;
G96 S100 X82 Z-10. ;
G75 R1000 ;
G75 X50. Z-21. P5000 Q4000 F0.15 ;
G00 X82. ;
S0 T00 00 X0. Z-100. M09 ;
M05 ;
M30 ;

Example - 2

CNC Program example with G75 for grooving and parting off

T0505;(Grooving tool)
G50 S2500;
G96 M4 S90;
G0 X46 Z2 M8;
G75 R1;
G75 X30 Z-16 P2000 Q2800 F0.1;
G0 X46 Z-34;
G75 R1;
G75 X30 Z-37 P2000 Q2800 F0.1;
G0 X46 Z-55;
G75 R1;
G75 X30 Z-58 P2000 Q2800 F0.1;
G0 X200 Z200 M9;
T0909; (Parting off tool)
G50 S2500;
G96 M4 S90;
G0 X46 Z2 M8;
G75 R1;
G75 X0 P2000 F0.1;
G0 X200 Z200 M9;

Example - 3

Multi groove example with G75 grooving cycle

N10 G50 S500 T0100 ;
G97 S_ M03 ;
G00 X90.0 Z1.0 T0101 ;
X82.0 Z-60.0 ;
G75 R1.0 ;
G75 X60.0 Z-20.0 P3000 Q20000 F0.1 ;
G00 X90.0 ;
X200.0 Z200.0 T0100 ;
M30 ;

Example - 4

G75 Cycle example for single groove

G20 (Inch system selection)
N43 G50 S1250 T0300 M42
N44 G96 S375 M03
N45 G00 X1.05 Z-0.175 T0303 M08
N46 G75 X0.5 I0.055 F0.004
N47 G00 X6.0 Z2.0 T0300 M09
N48 M30

Example - 5

Single groove with G75 grooving cycle

N15 G54
N20 T0101 M04;
N25 G50 S2000;
N30 G96 S150;
N35 G99 F0.3;
N40 G00 X115 Z0 M08;
N45 G01 X–1.6;
N50 G00 X115 Z5;
N55 G71 U3. R1.;
N60 G71 P65 Q110 U0.5 W0.2 F0.2;
N65 G42 G01 X64 Z1;
N70 G01 Z0;
N75 G01 X70 Z–3;
N80 G01 Z–30;
N85 G02 X84 Z–37 R7 F0.2;
N90 G01 X94;
N95 G03 X110 Z–45 R8 F0.2;
N100 G01 Z–50;
N105 G00 X125;
N110 G40;
N115 G28;
N120 T0303;
N125 G00 X64 Z2;
N130 G70 P65 Q110;
N135 G28;
N140 T0505;
N145 G00 X0 Z5;
N150 G74 R1.;
N155 G74 Z–45. Q4000 F0.2;
N160 G28;
N165 T0707;
N170 G41;
N175 G00 X20 Z2;
N180 G90 X24. Z–29. F0.2 R0.;
N185 X27;
N190 X30;
N195 X33;
N200 X36;
N205 G90 X38 Z–19 F0.2;
N210 X41;
N215 X45;
N220 X50;
N225 X52;
N280 G01 X36 Z–19;
N285 G01 Z–29;
N290 X30;
N295 G02 X22 Z–33 R4 F0.1;
N300 G01 Z–40;
N305 X20;
N305 Z4;
N310 G40;
N315 G28;
N320 T0909;
N325 G00 X115 Z–57.5;
N330 G75 R1.;
N331 G75 X90. Z–62. P300 Q2000 F0.2;
N336 G00 X200 Z200;
N341 M05 M09;
N346 M30;

Example - 6

G75 Cycle - Type 1 - Multi groove program example

G20 (Inch system selection)
N82 G50 S1250 T0300 M42
N83 G96 S375 M03
N84 G00 X1.05 Z-0.175 T0303 M08
N85 G75 X0.5 Z-0.675 I0.055 K0.125 F0.004 ;
N86 G00 X6.0 Z2.0 T0300 M09
N87 M30

Example - 7

G75 Cycle - Type 2 - Multi groove CNC Program example

N320 G54
N325 T0101 M04;
N330 G50 S2000;
N335 G96 S150;
N340 G99 F0.3;
N345 G00 X92 Z0 M08;
N350 G01 X–2;
N355 G00 X92 Z4;
N360 G71 U3 R1;
N365 G71 P370 Q385 U0.5 W0.2 F0.2;
N370 G42 G00 X80;
N375 G01 Z–75;
N380 G01 X80;
N385 G40;
N390 G28;
N395 T0303;
N400 G50 S3500;
N405 G96 S200 F0.2;
N410 G00 X92 Z4;
N415 G70 P370 Q385 F0.2;
N420 G28;
N425 T0505;
N430 G50 S2500;
N435 G96 S150 F0.2;
N440 G00 X82 Z–24 M04;
N445 G75 R1.;
N446 G75 X60. Z–30. P50 Q2000 F0.2;
N451 G00 Z–44;
N455 G75 R1.;
N456 G75 X60. Z–50. P50 Q2000 F0.2;
N457 G00 Z–64;
N460 G75 R1.;
N465 G75 X60. Z–70. P50 Q2000 F0.2;
N486 G28 M09;
N491 M05;
N496 M30;