CNC Milling | Scaling and Coordinate Rotation Example

If both scaling and coordinate system rotation are specified at the same time, scaling is performed first, followed by coordinate system rotation. In this case, scaling is effective to the rotation center as well. To specify both of them, specify scaling first and then coordinate system rotation. To cancel them, specify them in the reverse order.

Technical Drawing

CNC Program

Main program

G90 G00 X20.0 Y10.0 ;
M98 P1000 ;
G51 X20.0 Y10.0 I3000 J2000 ; (×3 in the X direction and ×2 in the Y direction)
M98 P1000 ;
G17 G68 X35.0 Y20.0 R30. ;
M98 P1000 ;
G69 ;
G50 ;
M30 ;


O1000 ;
G01 X20.0 Y10.0 F500 ;
G01 X50.0 ;
G01 Y30.0 ;
G01 X20.0 ;
G01 Y10.0 ;
M99 ;