CNC Milling | G94-G95-F Command | Feedrate

Feedrate Introduction

The feed F is the path velocity and represents the value of the geometric sum of the velocity components of all axes involved. The individual axis velocities therefore result from the portion of the axis path in the overall distance to be traversed. With G94 and G95 codes, possible to switch between mm/min or mm/rev.(rpm)

The feedrate F is effective for the interpolation types G1, G2, G3 and is retained until a new F word is written.

F Code Format

F… ; Feedrate

For integer values, the decimal point is not required, e.g. F300.

F Code with G94 and G95

The dimension unit for the F word is determined by G functions:

G94: F as the feedrate in mm/min (This unit of measure applies to metric dimensions. According to Section “Metric and inch dimensioning”, settings with inch dimensioning are also possible.)
G95: Feedrate F in mm/spindle revolutions (only meaningful when the spindle is running)

F Code Examples

With G94 and G95 Codes

N10 G94 F310 ; Feedrate in mm/min
N110 S200 M3 ; Spindle rotation
N120 G95 F15.5 ; Feedrate in mm/revolution
Note :
Write a new F word if you change G94 – G95.