CNC Milling | G12.4 and G13.4 Codes | Groove Cutting

Groove Cutting Introduction

Groove cutting with a width greater than the tool diameter can be performed by causing the tool to make continuous circle motion independently of axis movement by the groove cutting path program and superposing the continuous circle motion on the axis movement by the groove cutting path program.

G12.4 and G13.4 Codes Format

G12.4 P1 Ii Kk Qq Ff; (Mode on)
G12.4 P0 Ii Kk Qq Ff; (Mode cancel)
G13.4 P1 Ii Kk Qq Ff; (Mode on)
G13.4 P0 Ii Kk Qq Ff; (Mode cancel)


G12.4: Clockwise continuous circle motion
G13.4: Counterclockwise continuous circle motion
i: Groove width
k: Tool diameter
q: Travel distance in the groove cutting direction per continuous circle motion ( pitch )
f: Feedrate (speed of the center of a tool that performs continuous circle motion)

Groove Cutting Example

If the following program is executed, the center of the tool moves as shown in the figure above.

(This program is merely a sample. The Q and F commands must be determined according to the cutting conditions.)

O0002 ;
N01 G90 G0 X0 Y0 Z0 ;
N02 G91 G00 X20.0 Y20.0 ;
N03 G01 Z-25.0 F5000 ;
N04 G13.4 P1 I20.0 K10.0 Q5.0 F3000 ;
N05 Y40.0 ;
N06 X40.0 Y20.0 ;
N07 G02 X40.0 Y-40.0 R40.0 ;
N08 X-20.0 Y-20.0 R20.0 ;
N09 G01 X-60. ;
N10 G13.4 P0 ;
N11 G00 Z25.0 ;
N12 X-20.0 Y-20.0 M02 ;