CNC Milling | Fanuc G72.1 Code | Rotational Copy

G72.1 Code Introduction

Machining can be repeated after moving or rotating the figure using a subprogram with G72.1 code.

G72.1 Code Format

Xp-Yp plane (specified by G17) : G72.1 P_ L_ Xp_Yp_R_ ;
Zp-Xp plane (specified by G18) : G72.1 P_ L_ Zp_Xp_R_ ;
Yp-Zp plane (specified by G19) : G72.1 P_ L_ Yp_Zp_R _;


P: Subprogram number
L: Number of times the operation is repeated
Xp: Center of rotation on the Xp axis (Xp: X-axis or an axis parallel to the X-axis)
Yp: Center of rotation on the Yp axis (Yp: Y-axis or an axis parallel to the Y-axis)
Zp: Center of rotation on the Zp axis (Zp: Z-axis or an axis parallel to the Z-axis)
R: Angular displacement (A positive value indicates a counterclockwise angular displacement. Specify an incremental value.)

Specify a plane selection command (G17, G18, or G19) to select the plane on which the
rotational copying is made.

G72.1 Code Example

Main Program

O1000 ;
N10 G92 X40.0 Y50.0 ;
N20 G00 G90 X_ Y_ ; (P0)
N30 G01 G17 G41 X_ Y_ D01 F10 ; (P1)
N40 G72.1 P2000 L3 X0 Y0 R120.0 ;
N50 G40 G01 X_ Y_ I_ J_ ; (P0)
N60 G00 X40.0 Y50.0 ;
N70 M30 ;

Sub Program

O2000 G03 X_ Y_ R30.0 ; (P2)
N100 G01 X_ Y_ ; (P3)
N200 G03 X_ Y_ R10.0 ; (P4)
N300 G01 X_ Y_ ; (P5)
N400 G03 X_ Y_ R30.0 ; (P6)
N500 M99;