CNC Lathe | G07.1 Code | Cylindrical Interpolation

G07.1 Code Introduction

In cylindrical interpolation function, the amount of movement of a rotary axis specified by angle is converted to the amount of movement on the circumference to allow linear interpolation and circular interpolation with another axis. G07.1 code use for cylindrical interpolation in CNC lathe machines.

Since programming is enabled with the cylinder side face expanded, programs such as a program for grooving cylindrical cams can be created very easily.

G07.1 Code Format

G07.1 IP r; Starts the cylindrical interpolation mode (enables cylindrical interpolation).
G07.1 IP 0; The cylindrical interpolation mode is cancelled.


IP : An address for the rotary axis
r : The radius of the workpiece

Specify G07.1 IPr; and G07.1 IP0; in separate blocks.

G107 can be used instead of G07.1.

Example Circular interpolation between the Z axis and C axis:

G18 Z_C_;
G02 (G03) Z_C_R_;

G07.1 Code Example - 1


N01 G00 G90 Z100.0 C0 ;
N02 G01 G91 G18 Z0 C0 ;
N03 G07.1 C57299 ;*
N04 G90 G01 G42 Z120.0 D01 F250. ;
N05 C30.0 ;
N06 G03 Z90.0 C60.0 R30.0 ;
N07 G01 Z70.0 ;
N08 G02 Z60.0 C70.0 R10.0 ;
N09 G01 C150.0 ;
N10 G02 Z70.0 C190.0 R75.0 ;
N11 G01 Z110.0 C230.0 ;
N12 G03 Z120.0 C270.0 R75.0 ;
N13 G01 C360.0 ;
N14 G40 Z100.0 ;
N15 G07.1 C0 ;
N16 M30 ;
(* A command with a decimal point can also be used.)

G07.1 Code Example - 2


G00 X44.0 C0; Positioning at the start point of cutting
G07.1 C45.0 ; Cylindrical interpolation mode ON
G01 G42 Z47.5 F100 ;
C60.0 ;
Z32.5 C120.0 ;
C240.0 ;
G03 Z40.0 C249.549 R7.5 ;
G02 Z47.5 C259.099 R7.5 ;
G01 C360.0 ;
Z44.0 ;
G07.1 C0 ; Cylindrical interpolation mode OFF
M30 ;